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Lee Park Preparatory School (LPP) is a Christian educational institution existing as a discipleship ministry of Lee Park Church. Established in 2019, Lee Park Prep's doors opened to 36 students, grades 8 to 12. The Lord has blessed Lee Park Prep, allowing the school to meet the needs of the community by extending the school for students in grades 6-12.

What Makes Lee Park Prep Different? 
Hear Directly From Our Students

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Head Master

Pastor Landon Keziah has been the Head Master at

Lee Park Preparatory School since 2021. Pastor Landon serves as the Senior Pastor Community Church in Locust, North Carolina. Before this, he served as the Family Pastor at Lee Park Church from 2008 to 2017.  He has been married for ten years to the beautiful Kelly Keziah. Together they have two sons, Evan and Isaiah.  



Education Goals

Lee Park Preparatory School is a ministry of Lee Park Church and believes the Bible is the absolute standard of truth given to man by God.  Thus, every course content will be evaluated and taught in light of the truth of the Bible so the spiritual goals, as set forth in the scriptures, are reflected in the lives of the students.  LPP seeks to educate every student in four primary areas; Spiritual development, Mental development, Physical development, and Social development.

Meet The School Principals

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 High School Principal

Director of Curriculum

Mrs. Kinsey Rhoden
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Middle School Principal

Director of Student Life

Ms. Caroline Justice

School Profiles 

Lee Park Prep High School Profile 


Lee Park Prep Middle School Profile 



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Mrs. Sheila Treat

Office Administrator 

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Mrs. Kara Graham

Guidance Counselor

Meet Our Team.

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